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Business Performance Awards

A celebration of business performance

The Business Performance Awards were created to honor mid-size companies and large corporations that have carried out remarkable transformation projects that create economic, social, and human value.

Since 2016, Ayming has brought together more than 1200 business leaders each year at the Théâtre national de Chaillot in Paris to highlight performance in all its forms and reward the most inspiring and innovative projects. But the Business Performance Awards do not only reward ideas. They focus on the opportunities of tomorrow, creating new paradigms, encouraging new ways of understanding performance and inspiring action.

This unique event is also an opportunity to be enriched by listening to renowned personalities such as Tony Blair or Jeremy Rifkin.


This year, 3 leaders of European employers’ organizations will exclusively deliver new keys to reinvent the performance of companies in the Europe of tomorrow, on the eve of the European elections.


  • Get inspired by the ideas and beliefs of great leaders, who will provide you with new keys to reinventing business performance
  • Share success stories with your peers that will help you achieve your goals
  • Join an exclusive list of attendees – limited to a community of 1 000 business executives from some of the biggest brands across the world
  • Explore new approaches to guide your strategic decisions
  • Learn amongst peers and industry influencers, share strategies and make meaningful connections


Discover our previous editions:

Business Performance Awards® 2019

During our third edition in 2019, a debate on challenges faced by companies in Europe, was held between five personalities from the business world: Vincenzo Boccia, Pierre Gattaz, Hans de Boer, Jean-Dominique Guiliani and Laurent Bigorgne.

  • 40 pre-selected projects,
  • 12 nominees,
  • 5 awards

Business Performance Awards® 2017

During the second edition in 2017, our guest of honour was Tony Blair, who shared his vision of Europe, Brexit and the great transformations that will change the world.

  • 35 pre-selected projects,
  • 10 nominees,
  • 5 awards.

Business Performance Awards® 2016

On the occasion of the first edition in 2016, economist Jeremy Rifkin, author of La nouvelle société à coût marginal zéro, shared his vision of the new performance challenges for companies, in a context of constant change.

  • 40 pre-selected projects,
  • 12 nominees,
  • and 6 awards.