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CDI - Contrat à durée indéterminée | Levallois-Perret
Let’s sell Ayming at the international !

Votre job

As a true entrepreneur whose energy is focused on the client and business development, your role as a facilitator consists of:

  • Develop the adhesion of local sales teams on global and international contracts. Communication and collaboration with the local teams is also necessary for the proper management of the account.
  • Implement the necessary means to develop businesswith these clients
  • Grow the portfolio of clients for which you will be responsible in all countries of the world. A list of identified and validated clients will be given to you each year. Direct sales objectives will be assigned to you. You will be the leader of these accounts and as such you will have decision-making autonomy. You have tosign contracts.
  • Facilitate the concretization of signatures for international clients not on your own list. A list of "Crossellable" clients will be drawn up each year, in collaboration with local teams.
  • Your role will be to support the local teams in securing signatures and optimizing lead generation from one country to another.
The mission of the International Global Account Director is to develop business with clients spanning several countries, facilitating exchanges and achievement.
The mission consists of :
  • Developing a portfolio of customers identified each year with direct responsibility for this portfolio
  • Facilitate the realization and signature of inter-country and inter-activity leads
  • Facilitate customer relationships and provide support to local sales teams for global clients.

You are a member of the International Cross Selling team and report to Marie-Alice THIERRY-PORTMANN and Giuditta VILLA. The other members of the team are:ICS team. And country managers, GAM, sales in a collaborative way of work.

Your talents:

You are:

Open to others:
  • I listen, ask questions and make sure that I understand what the other person is telling meoIntuitive:
  • I activate and consider all my senses to analyze the situation and respond appropriately oConfident:
  • I use my strengths and I recognize that I can act, dare, decide.

You like to:

  • Carry out and assume my work in a responsiblemanner
  • Open yourself to new ways of thinking and doing things oChallenge the status quo, decisions and processes with assertiveness
  • Cooperate, pass on and share, get involved oRealize and ensure that the work done is of high quality
  • Believe in what you do and stay the course despite obstacles
  • Work independently and in a team

Your professional wishes

You want to:

  • Join an international team offering a countless number of opportunities and success
  • Integrate a human scale team and work in a collaborative manner
  • Use your level of sales expertise to develop a new international marke

Votre recruteur

  • Peggy CINQUIN