H2020 European MMAtwo project : Ayming supports plastic recycling innovation

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mai 3, 2019

Funded by the European Union Horizon2020 Research and Innovation programme, the MMAtwo project gathers 13 partners, including Ayming, from 6 different countries. During 4 years, it will develop a new and innovative process to recycle plastic waste. 

The MMAtwo project is supported by a 6.6 M€’s funding from the European Union Horizon2020 Research and Innovation programme (grant agreement No 820687). MMAtwo collaborative consortium (including Ayming) gathers 13 partners from 6 different countries.

It will develop a new and innovative process to recycle post-industrial and end-of-life PMMA (PolyMethyl MethAcrylate – plastic or polymere).

A unique European consortium committing the whole PMMA value chain actors:

The MMAtwo project is coordinated by the Dutch company Heathland and has just been launched on October 1st 2018 for a 4 years duration.

The MMAtwo’s Advisory Board includes several academics, CEFIC’s Methacrylate sector group and other PMMA producers’ representatives.

The MMAtwo consortium consists of partners representing every step of the PMMA value chain:

  • Heathland, a Dutch collector and recycler of PMMA waste
  • Comet Traitements, a Belgian recycler of end-of-life vehicles
  • Ecologic, a French private non-profit company in charge of Extended Producer Responsibility compliance for WEEE; Arkema, a French PMMA producer
  • Delta Glass (part of Polyplastic Group), a Dutch producer of PMMA windows
  • JSW Europe, a German based division of Japan Steel Works and core technology provider
  • Speichim (part of Séché-Environnement group, French leader of waste treatment ), a French based specialist in purification of solvents and chemicals
  • AKG-Gazbeton, a Turkish company manufacturing heat-insulated, light, non-combustible autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and reinforced products as well as insulating boards
  • University of Gent, a Belgian academic partner to train researchers on polymer recycling; Quantis, a Swiss based specialist in Life Cycle Analysis
  • Process Design Center, a Dutch SME for process development, integration and optimization
  • Certech, a Belgian applied research center in chemistry, specialised in emissions and odours of materials and polymer recycling standards

As a project stakeholder, Ayming directly supported the project set-up and will co-pilot the project management, communication and dissemination activities.

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MMAtwo project: a hich Technology Readiness Level

MMAtwo’s innovative concept will focus on handling and recycling both post-industrial and contaminated end-of-life PMMA waste.
It is estimated that currently only 30 000 tons of waste is recycled annually in Europe, or only around 10% of the yearly production.
Most PMMA recycling does not currently allow to reprocess all PMMA qualities.

The MMAtwo process will convert difficult to recycle waste that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated into high quality secondary raw material.

The PMMA recycling process will be validated at a TRL 7 scale (TRL= Technology Readiness Level, Level 7: pre-commercial system is demonstrated in operational environment).

A first commercial unit will be created soon after the end of the project (2022).

Learn more about the MMAtwo Project:

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